Tuesday, 15 March 2011

#5 shawls | cottonlicious ♥

Hello adik kakak makcik. Eh aunties :D or even bros and uncles ♥

Well welcome to our next review.
This blogshop is monitored by 5 besties.
Adawiyah, Adeera, Liyana, Shafiqa & Kusya.
Great names, great taste ♥
This time it is COTTONLICIOUS catches our eyes.

Why dizzy?
Why not?
They offer so so many choices of gorgeous shawls.
Don't believe my statement?
Let's view some.

Wow wee. Great ritee?!
Cheap cheap things :O
There are also rare items selling fast.
Check 'em out!

Uhumm. You got to be fast dearies!
Memang stock diorang ni cepat habis tauu!
Like this cotton plain.
Memang. Cepat. Habis.

And then, they are also selling accessories for you!

And fast fast selling cotton inner.
See? Third batch alreadyyy!

And again oh caution.
You guys need to compete buying with their juniors.
Nope. You just need to hurry!


Happy shopping darlings!!!!

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