Monday, 14 March 2011

#4 hijabs | mia stuffz ♥

Well hello!!! Gorgeous ladies there :)

This time is to review about one ohsem blogshop!

The owner is a humble lady named Mazra Ayu.
Ehem. She's pretty, but strictly taken >.<
Oh read this first!

Eh lupa.
This blogshop is named after her daughter tau y'all.
Cute sangat. Hee ♥

Hee hee okay let's proceed.
Jom tengok certain of the choices yang ada kat blogshop ni!!!

Oh shawlicious.
Lawa & sangat berpatutan!!!
Eh ada promosi. Jom jom :D

Omaigad omaigaaadd! :O
Sangat eksklusif okeh!
With the classy awning bagai!
*Double melt.

Oh 1 thing.
You all tak boleh lengah2 nak beli tau.
Sebab cepat aje items dekat sini akan sold out.
Sangat banyak permintaan tau!
See, like this.

Nampak tak 'fully booked' tu?
Memang menangis keluar air mata darah laa kalau lambat2.

The best part about this blog is,
Ayu bukan saja jual tudung, malah ada banyak lagi beneficial sections dekat blogshop ni.

Accessories pun ada tau you all!
Come come comee!
Siapa cepat dia dapat!

To view more, please click Mia Stuffz.

Happy shopping!!!

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