Tuesday, 15 March 2011

#5 shawls | cottonlicious ♥

Hello adik kakak makcik. Eh aunties :D or even bros and uncles ♥

Well welcome to our next review.
This blogshop is monitored by 5 besties.
Adawiyah, Adeera, Liyana, Shafiqa & Kusya.
Great names, great taste ♥
This time it is COTTONLICIOUS catches our eyes.

Why dizzy?
Why not?
They offer so so many choices of gorgeous shawls.
Don't believe my statement?
Let's view some.

Wow wee. Great ritee?!
Cheap cheap things :O
There are also rare items selling fast.
Check 'em out!

Uhumm. You got to be fast dearies!
Memang stock diorang ni cepat habis tauu!
Like this cotton plain.
Memang. Cepat. Habis.

And then, they are also selling accessories for you!

And fast fast selling cotton inner.
See? Third batch alreadyyy!

And again oh caution.
You guys need to compete buying with their juniors.
Nope. You just need to hurry!


Happy shopping darlings!!!!

Monday, 14 March 2011

#4 hijabs | mia stuffz ♥

Well hello!!! Gorgeous ladies there :)

This time is to review about one ohsem blogshop!

The owner is a humble lady named Mazra Ayu.
Ehem. She's pretty, but strictly taken >.<
Oh read this first!

Eh lupa.
This blogshop is named after her daughter tau y'all.
Cute sangat. Hee ♥

Hee hee okay let's proceed.
Jom tengok certain of the choices yang ada kat blogshop ni!!!

Oh shawlicious.
Lawa & sangat berpatutan!!!
Eh ada promosi. Jom jom :D

Omaigad omaigaaadd! :O
Sangat eksklusif okeh!
With the classy awning bagai!
*Double melt.

Oh 1 thing.
You all tak boleh lengah2 nak beli tau.
Sebab cepat aje items dekat sini akan sold out.
Sangat banyak permintaan tau!
See, like this.

Nampak tak 'fully booked' tu?
Memang menangis keluar air mata darah laa kalau lambat2.

The best part about this blog is,
Ayu bukan saja jual tudung, malah ada banyak lagi beneficial sections dekat blogshop ni.

Accessories pun ada tau you all!
Come come comee!
Siapa cepat dia dapat!

To view more, please click Mia Stuffz.

Happy shopping!!!

#3 bags | lolita closet ♥

Hello sayangs. :)

This time the review is about bags!

And we have chosen Lolita Closet to be reviewed!
Jeng jeng jeng!

Lets browse the cantek2 bags!

Lawa kaaaan?!
And yeaaa good news!
They are having sales!
Ohyeah seems like I myself cannot resist it :O

Ouuhhhh. Gila kentang oh kentang!
Kalau xde discount pun still sangat berpatutan! Tengok bawah!! :O

Jyeaahh ladies!
And and oh.
They also offer anime costumes at a very __ price!
I mean so so reasonable!

Okay enoughh!!
I can't take take it anymore.

For more bags, please click Lolita Closet.

Happy shopping!!!

Sunday, 13 March 2011

#2 shawls | shawl attic ♥

Heyyo peeps. :) gorgeous women out there ♥

This too is about a shawl blogshop.
Mesti ramai dah kenal dengan SHAWL ATTIC rite?

Maknanya korang dah tahulah pasal kalerfewlnya Shawl Attic ni kan?
Okeh. Senang sikit kerja.
This blog is strictly owned by a woman that obviously has a great taste, Hani ♥
Mari kita tengok preview tentang kalerfewlnya blogshop ni keh!

Wee. Gila kentang dibuatnya kan.
They offer pashmina, shawl and anak tudung jgk!
Ce tengok ce tengok harga yang dorang offer. Double woah!
Sangat berpatutan wa cakaap lu laa!

Ada lagi!
A very good news we got is this blog offers a lot of discounts, and promotion. D:
Gila kentang lagi!

HAH! RM10?! Murah kan?! D:
Shawl crumple malas2 suma murah2. Adoi yaii.

Apa tunggu lagi?!
For further information and T&C, click Shawl Attic.

Happy Shopping sweethearts!

#1 shawls | chic shawls ♥

Hello people!

This is the first entry about the shawl review.
Kali ini the eye catcher is Chic Shawl!

The blog is belong to 3 besties named Ayu, Faza & Ju.
Taste diorang bertiga ni superb giteww!
Banyak sangat shawls yang lawa-lawa.
Harga pun sangat berpatutan. $$$ Ka-ching!
Memang tak sanggup nak berlalu begitu sahaja dari blog diorang ni I gtau uols!

Tak percaya? Meh tengok gegambar sikittt!

 Superb kan?
And then the best part is, they offer free postage!
Dengar tak? FREE POSTAGE!
 Huu, haru betul.

Oh and 1 more, depa ni memang buat teaser tema untuk setiap update.
And setiap tema pulak akan ada 2-3 jenis shawl.

Best sangat sangat sangat tau?!

To view more, please click CHIC SHAWL.
Happy shopping!

Saturday, 12 March 2011

polyester ♥ fabric | fabrik

-Rough surface
-Not suitable for high heat ironing
-Do not stick while be worn
-Threads are very thin
-Unusually strong
-Holds up well to varied wear
*Suitable for those first time to wear shawl ;)

-Permukaan yang kasar
-Tidak sesuai dengan seterika yang terlalu panas
-Tidak melekat semasa dipakai
-Tebal benang yang sangat tipis
-Kekuatan fabrik luar biasa
-Fabrik dengan pelbagai kegunaan
*Sesuai untuk yang baru berjinak-jinak untuk memakai shawl ;

gorgette | jojet ♥ fabric | fabrik

-Traditionally made from silk
-Polyester element used as well
-Bouncy, flowing look
-Threads used in georgette fabric are highly twisted
-Rather tight, but the overall appearance is slightly sheer
-Threads are very thin
-Unusually strong
-Holds up well to varied wear
-Highly absorbent

*Suitable for those first time to wear shawl ;)


-Dibuat daripada elemen sutera
-Turut menggunakan struktur polyester 
-Struktur fabrik yang beralun 
-Benang yang digunakan dalam kain jojet sangat kemas(twisted)
-Kemas, anjal
-Tebal benang yang sangat tipis
-Kekuatan fabrik luar biasa
-Fabrik dengan pelbagai kegunaan
-Penyerap yang baik

*Sesuai untuk yang baru berjinak-jinak untuk memakai shawl ;)


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Friday, 11 March 2011

hello there ♥

there is only one reason why this blog is existed.

it is because of the addictions to the things like shawls, dresses, clothing under the label of  F.A.S.H.I.O.N.

well quality never goes out of fashion~

stay tuned munchkins!